PDP said the party won’t go ahead with formal negotiations for government formation with BJP unless the core issues are addressed adequately.
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PCINEWS: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday said the party won’t go ahead with formal negotiations for government formation with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) unless the core issues are addressed adequately. PDP Chief Spokesperson, Naeem Akhtar said PDP will settle for a common minimum programme over government formation only when the core issues are addressed and prioritized in it. “We want to reassure everybody that our core concerns are AFSPA, dialogue, reconciliation, power projects and employment. Unless these are addressed in a common minimum programme, no government would be formed,” Akhtar told Rising Kashmir. Akhtar said these are the real issues that PDP stands for “and the party is not going to compromise at any cost”. “Our aim is to flag the core concerns of people of Jammu and Kashmir. When we reach that stage where we feel that we are in a position to work on a common minimum programme addressing these issues then further steps would be taken,” he asserted. He rubbished the reports suggesting PDP compromising on contentious issues on which BJP and PDP have extreme views. According to sources, the parties are readying to hit a common ground to present before the people a common minimum programme to enter into a coalition soon after the Rajya Sabha polls. There has already been furore over the settlement of West Pakistan refugees in the state. While the senior PDP leader and MP Muzaffar Hussain Baig spilled the beans about the internal matters of the party, he called it a ‘humanitarian issue’. However, the party distanced itself saying that it was Baig’s personal opinion

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