Open market for the first time since the interim budget, 150 points fall
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PCI NEWS: Share Market BSE open on the first day of the week on Monday with the stock market declining. The stock market got around 150 points down on Monday. Today the stock market was open for the first time after the interim budget was introduced.

After the introduction of the interim budget of the Modi government, the stock market open for the first time on Monday. On Monday, there is a trend of declining market share. The broader index Sensex dipped 157.07 points, at 9.39, at 36,312.36, and the Nifty was trading at about 10,847.20 with a weakness of 46.45 points at the same time.

While the Sensex index, based on 30 shares of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), fell by 13.21 points to 36,456.22 in the morning, while the National Stock Exchange (NSE), the 50-share Sensex index Nifty opened at 10,876.75 with a weak 16.9 points.

Let me tell you that Union Minister Piyush Goyal presented the interim budget on Friday, February 1. Before the budget was presented, the stock market was growing rapidly, but after the budget was introduced, the market slowed down.

The day the budget was introduced, there was a 500-point surge in the stock market, but in the evening the bounce stopped at 200 points. Let us tell you that after the budget was presented, many big industrialists of the industry had praised Modi government, although the stock did not show any kind of enthusiasm in that market.

There were also several days in the budget week, in which the budget had dived. In the last few years, such a low view was seen when the stock market fell in the budget week.

Let us tell you that in the interim budget presented before the Lok Sabha elections, the central government has given big relief to many sections including farmers, poor laborers. The Modi government has exempted tax payers who make annual income up to Rs 5 lakh annually from the worry of filling the income tax.


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