Maharaja Whiteline launches new range of coolers in Jammu
By sourav kalyan On 6 Mar, 2018 At 08:09 AM | Categorized As Business | With 0 Comments

Maharaja Whiteline a brand of Group SEB India today launched its new range of coolers in Jammu. Maharaja Whiteline has been a leader in innovation ever since its inception.
According to a handout issued, the Group SEB owner of Brand Maharaja Whiteline is putting high priority on coolers with innovative features.
R. Dhingra RM SEB India said, “ features like antibacterial water tanks, mosquito repellant and remote control are finding their way into our air coolers.” Also present on the occasion were Satish Wazir (Branch Manager) and Javed Siddique (Distributor Jammu Sales Corp.).

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