Indira is back: Congress gives big message to Priyanka Gandhi launch
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PCI NEWS: Priyanka Gandhi Indira Gandhi Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who became part of the political program from the election campaign for her family, has always been compared to Indira Gandhi. Today, when he did a road show in Lucknow, photograph of Indira Gandhi was also attached with his photo.

Prior to the Lok Sabha elections, Congress has taken a big step by taking Priyanka Gandhi Vadra into active politics. Whereas it is being called the Brahmaast of Congress, Priyanka’s entry on the other side is also being described as the last arrow of Congress. In the meanwhile, from the Congress workers to the fate of Priyanka’s arrival, many analysts have once again started to remember their grandmother Indira Gandhi.

The Congress came to Lucknow on political journey for the first time after becoming the General Secretary, the Congress which officially presented its glimpse into the vehicle for Priyanka Gandhi Vadra roadshow. The posters of Congress leaders who were put on the car were pictures of Congress President Rahul Gandhi, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, her mother and former Congress President Sonia Gandhi, UP Congress President Raj Babbar and in charge of West Uttar Pradesh, Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Indira-Priyanka in the picture

In this poster on the train, where the photographs of the five leaders were put together, the slogan of change, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi slogan were written. At the same time, Priyanka was shown in a big picture too. The highlight of this picture is that a photo of Priyanka Gandhi’s photograph was also portrayed by her grandmother and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi is smiling in this photo with black and white tone.

Through this photo, Congress has formally presented the image of Priyanka in Politics as well as her image like Indira Gandhi. Leaders and workers are getting very excited about this.

Senior Congress leader Rajiv Shukla told in a conversation with Aaj Tak that Priyanka is a very polite, kind and generous woman. At the same time, he also said that the workers understand that Priyanka Gandhi is like Indira Gandhi.

However, there is no question or discussion in this question. Whenever there is a discussion about Priyanka, she is said to have an image of Indira Gandhi. Several years ago, Priyanka Gandhi herself gave an answer to this question in an interview. He had told that when I reached Rae Bareli and Amethi area for the first time for the campaign, it was said that I am like my grandmother and me Should come into politics He further said that there is no doubt that in the house where I was, there was a powerful woman like Indira and the effect of her personality also lay on me.

Now that Priyanka Gandhi has jumped on the field to further the politics of Congress, then it has been discussed that Indira is back.

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