Have you tried the new WhatsApp font? Know how to use it.
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PCI NEWS:-New Delhi: Instant messaging service WhatsApp has rolled out a new font for the Android users

The new font has been very quietly extended to Google Play. The feature is also available on the iOS app.

However, it seems that the font is not very user friendly. For changing the font you will have to press the backquote symbol constantly for three times and insert your text in between.

You will have to do this every time you want to change the font.

The WhatsApp new font is very similar to  Fixedsys font in Windows phones.

You can still try typing and chatting through this new font. If you want to type How are you, you will have to put it in the  backquote block and write  “`How are you“`. This is the only available option right now while other formatting like bold, highlight and italics are still not available.

Though cumbersome, you can surely give it a go. Happy texting!


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