Doctors should guide cancer patients during post-treatment journey: Dr Nadeem
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JAMMU: Dr Nadeem Shoket, DM Medical Oncology (Cancer Specialist) laid stress upon the need for increasing doctor-patient interaction and sharing information to help patients fully understand how cancer is diagnosed, how it is treated, why there are side effects to these treatments and the life that patients can expect to lead post treatment.
Referring to recent research, Dr Nadeem said that this leads to an informed choice of treatment and improved patient outcomes.
Briefing media persons here on Wednesday, Dr Nadeem said, “Cancer research has given us newer treatments that are safer and more effective with fewer side effects. And this is a huge boon for the patients. But treatment side effects and the final outcome are not the only concerns that breast cancer patients have when they are diagnosed with this disease.”
“There are big gaps in their understanding of how the diagnosis was made, what treatment really involves and how they will manage life after the treatment. So in my view, doctors should explain not just the treatment benefits to patients but also tell them more about their cancer, its extent and prognosis, and how to cope with every stage of treatment. Such patients are then able to make more informed choices and may even respond better to therapy” Dr Nadeem asserted.
“Breast cancer treatment can take anywhere between six months to one year, during which time patients go through a number of physical, mental and emotional changes.
As doctors, we must keep our patients well informed on their condition and what can be expected at every stage of treatment. This, research shows, results in favourable treatment outcomes,” Dr Nadeem said.
“Over the last century, breast cancer treatment has evolved at a rapid pace improving survival rates worldwide and in India. Current breast cancer treatment options have shown good prognosis and extended survival rates, especially when the cancer is diagnosed in its early stages,” he added.


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