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By sourav kalyan On 17 Nov, 2017 At 08:09 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

Meet the all-new OnePlus 5T, a device that should have been launched in the first place by OnePlus in 2017. How good or bad did we find this phone? We tell you in our first impressions. Back in 2017 when OnePlus released the OnePlus 5 it was received with much fanfare among its own community […]

By sourav kalyan On 14 Nov, 2017 At 11:31 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

The initial warning 25 years ago identified trends that needed to be reversed to curtail environmental destruction, including ozone depletion, forest loss, climate change and human population growth. Time is running out to save the Earth, according to the largest ever group of scientists globally who warned today that urgent action must be taken to […]

By sourav kalyan On 9 Nov, 2017 At 08:46 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

The telecom sector is buzzing with new changes everyday. Reliance communications has decided to shut down its voice call services from 1 December and expectations of Aircel to follow gives a glimpse into the situation. Amidst the stiff competition, Airtel has announced new tariff plans for its prepaid and postpaid customers. Airtel is offering unlimited free outgoing calls on national […]

By sourav kalyan On 8 Nov, 2017 At 08:35 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

British audio company RHA is the latest to enter the Indian market with Bluetooth headphones. The company has just announced the MA 650 and MA 750 wireless headphones in India featuring its trademark design, high-fidelity aptX technology, IPX4 sweat resistance, and universal remotes. Here is what we thought of the RHA MA 750. The RHA […]

By sourav kalyan On 5 Nov, 2017 At 07:09 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

Drunk texting, embarrassing texts, words of regret during an argument, sending the wrong text to the wrong person and cringing after that. Been there done that? Yeah, we all have. Lord knows how many times we have wanted to hurl ourselves off the building after hitting send, knowing that no power on earth can undo […]

By sourav kalyan On 28 Oct, 2017 At 05:59 PM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

BEIJING: About 1,800 charging ports for electric cars would be set up in Chinese capital as part of a study to work out a plan to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles. About 1,615 of these 1,895 charging ports will be installed in the area of administration offices in Beijing city’s Tongzhou District, state-run Xinhua news agency […]

By navneet mishra On 22 Jul, 2016 At 09:25 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

PCI NEWS:-Seoul: South Korea’s Samsung Electronics said on Friday it had filed a patent infringement suit in China against Huawei, adding fuel to a growing legal battle between the rival smartphone makers. In the suit filed in a Beijing court, the electronics giant demanded millions of dollars in compensation from the Chinese firm for allegedly […]

By navneet mishra On 20 Jul, 2016 At 09:14 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

PCI NEWS:-New Delhi: Instant messaging service WhatsApp has rolled out a new font for the Android users The new font has been very quietly extended to Google Play. The feature is also available on the iOS app. However, it seems that the font is not very user friendly. For changing the font you will have […]

By navneet mishra On 19 Jul, 2016 At 11:43 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

PCINEWS:-SpaceX successfully launched a critical space station docking port for astronauts early Monday, along with a DNA decoder for high-flying genetic research. As an extra treat, the company brought its leftover first-stage booster back to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station for a vertical touchdown — only the second such land landing for an orbital mission […]

By navneet mishra On 16 Jul, 2016 At 08:32 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

PCI NEWS:-Here’s all about robotics surgery and how it will create opportunities in future. Diksha Gupta, Have a look at these data points before going any further: • Foxconn replaced 60,000 workers with robots. • There are about 190 robotic surgeons in India across 30 hospitals. This number will increase to 500 by 2020 […]