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By Rishabh Groch On 16 Apr, 2018 At 06:03 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

PCI Infosys shares fell to Rs 1,099 at day’s low. On operating margin front, Infosys guidance for FY19 also disappointed some analysts. Updated : April 16, 2018 11:30 IST Infosys Shares Price Slumps, Market Value Of 15,000 Crore Rupees Gone Within Minutes Infosys share prices fell as much as 6 per cent today in early […]

By Rishabh Groch On 9 Apr, 2018 At 04:05 PM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

  Mark Zuckerberg is to testify before senators on Tuesday, and a House panel on Wednesday. Mark Zuckerberg Testimony To Congress: ‘My mistake, I’m sorry’ Mark Zuckerberg said “I started Facebook, I run it, and I’m responsible for what happens here.” Washington, United States: Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg says he accepts responsibility for the social […]

By Rishabh Groch On 7 Apr, 2018 At 07:03 PM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

PRESS CHAMBER OF INDIA Jio to Deploy Massive MIMO Pre-5G Networks at IPL 2018 Stadiums in Delhi, Mumbai HIGHLIGHTS The technology is claimed to offer high speed data access Wankhede Stadium and Feroz Shah Kotla will get the technology Airtel has also deployed Massive MIMO in Mumbai Reliance Jio this week announced that the telecom […]

By navneet mishra On 22 Mar, 2018 At 06:37 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

“The short answer is I”m happy to if it”s the right thing to do,” Zuckerberg said in a CNN interview on Wednesday night. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has apologised for the data debacle that has upended the social media giant and said he was ready to testify before Congress, a media report said. “The short […]

By navneet mishra On 21 Mar, 2018 At 08:57 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

Born in 1916, in a family of court musicians in Bihar, Khan was so much in love with his music that he often referred to his shehnai as his wife. Search engine Google on Wednesday paid tribute to Shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan, one of India’s most beloved musicians, on his 102nd birth anniversary with […]

By navneet mishra On 20 Mar, 2018 At 07:21 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

Cambridge Analytica received user data from a Facebook app years ago that purported to be a psychological research tool, though the firm was not authorised to have that information. The world’s largest social media company Facebook suffered the biggest one-day drop of its stocks by seven per cent on Wall Street on Monday in four […]

By navneet mishra On 17 Mar, 2018 At 10:47 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

NASA is looking to build a nuclear-powered spacecraft in order to destroy asteroids that could hit the Earth. Preparing itself to deal with a potential asteroid impact, NASA has drawn up plans to build a huge nuclear spacecraft that is capable of shunting or blowing up dangerous space rocks and safeguarding life on Earth. The […]

By navneet mishra On 15 Mar, 2018 At 09:53 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

Researchers from the company”s Asia and US labs said their system achieved human parity on a commonly-used test set of news stories – called “newstest2017” – that was released at a conference recently, a blog post said late on Wednesday. A team of Microsoft researchers, including one of Indian-origin, has created an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered […]

By navneet mishra On 13 Mar, 2018 At 08:43 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

NASA is attempting to find how habitable planets are formed, as its James Webb Space telescope searches for interstellar water. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is set to peer into reservoirs of interstellar water to understand the origin and evolution of key building blocks for habitable planets. A molecular cloud is an interstellar cloud of […]

By navneet mishra On 22 Jul, 2016 At 09:25 AM | Categorized As Technology | With 0 Comments

PCI NEWS:-Seoul: South Korea’s Samsung Electronics said on Friday it had filed a patent infringement suit in China against Huawei, adding fuel to a growing legal battle between the rival smartphone makers. In the suit filed in a Beijing court, the electronics giant demanded millions of dollars in compensation from the Chinese firm for allegedly […]

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