Best premium mobiles under Rs 35,000: OnePlus 5T, Honor 8 Pro, and more
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OnePlus 5T to Honor 8 Pro, here’s a list of best mobile phones priced below Rs 35,000.

The competition in the smartphone market is incredibly high, especially in the mid-premium segment. There are some fantastic options under Rs 35,000 that offers great experience and value. You won’t find the iPhone X or Galaxy Note 8 in this list, but the OnePlus 5T and Honor 8 Pro have managed to secure the place. More importantly, we have tested all these phones. When it comes to choosing the best smartphone in the given budget, it is always a tough task. We have handpicked four smartphones that are priced below Rs 35,000, which are worth considering. Here are our picks.

OnePlus 5T

Why should you want this: If you want the most powerful smartphone, non-controversial phone in its class, OnePlus 5T is the one.

Who should consider: It is perfect for enthusiasts, geeks and loyal Android fans.

How much will it cost in the market: Rs 32,999 onward for 6GB RAM and 64GB storage version.

Takeaway: OnePlus 5T is the most advanced smartphone in this segment. It  offers some new experiences with the front display and has a unique ‘Face Unlock’ feature.  The phone’s specifications are top-notch, something hard-core Android fans will appreciate. The camera quality is great and so is the 6-inch optic AMOLED screen. Though, we wish the design could have been better. Overall, OnePlus 5T is a complete device in its class.

Honor 8 Pro 

Why should you want this: It leads in many aspects and the camera department is one of them.

Who should consider: Anyone who is on a hunt for a phone with a big battery and excellent camera.

How much will it cost in the market: Rs 29,999

Takeaway : Honor 8 Pro sticks to the basics, covering each and every aspect of a high-quality phone. It might not have a fancy 18:9 display, but the 5.7-inch (2560×1440) display is reasonably good. The device’s marquee feature is its dual-camera setup, which is one of the best around. And yes, the battery life is excellent too. Performance is laudable, thanks to 6GB RAM and 128GB storage on board. All this makes the Honor 8 Pro a value for money phone in this segment.

Why should you want this: Its attractive price makes LG G6 a compelling buy.

Who should consider: LG G6 will appeal to those who appreciate quality camera experience on a phone.

How much will it cost in the market: Rs 33,990

Takeaway: LG does not get much attention in the smartphone market, unfortunately. Honestly, the G6 was not a bad performer. From looks to performance, LG G6 was an improvement over the G5, its predecessor. The dual-camera setup on the back was reasonably good. Yes, it was far from perfect but the phone was not a major commercial success. However, LG G6 is still a great all-rounder considering the current price.

Moto X4

Why should want this: Motorola’s best looking phone and this is incredibly compact in size.

Who should consider: Moto X4 will be loved by ladies, or anyone that values distinctive design.

How much will it cost in the market: Rs 20,999 onward

Takeaway: Motorola’s Moto X4 is positioned as the powerful phone in the premium mid-end segment. That’s a claim that’s easily backed up by a stunning design and decent performance. The software is another area where the Moto X4 shines. One function that distinguishes the Moto X4 from the competition is the battery life, which will last a day and half on a single charge. The camera however, could have been better. Moto X4 is a very impressive device crammed into a sleek case. Our full review of the Moto X4 will be out later this week.

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