ASTROLOGY: Weekly predictions 15TH –– 21TH JULY 2018
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PCI:Weekly predictions 15TH –– 21TH JULY 2018


Mar 21 – Apr 20

With a solar eclipse in your domestic sector this week, you could sense certain tensions building. And with potent Pluto involved in the mix, powerful emotions could come to the fore as well. You might feel it’s time for a change of direction, and this decision could affect aspects of your home life and plans. Indeed, something might need to be released or resolved before you can move forward. LIBRA

Sep 24 – Oct 22

Delectable Venus, your ruling planet, moves into Virgo and your spiritual sector on Monday, which could inspire you to volunteer your time. You might feel moved to assist at charity events or help someone in need. You might also be eager to connect with people on your spiritual wavelength. If you have been building a business, you may now see the fruits of your labor.

Apr 21 – May 20

When it comes to the exchange of ideas, this week’s solar eclipse in your communication sector could inspire you to take a stand. If someone seems to be pressuring you to take up on offer or follow certain ideas, it’s time to be firm. This might mean the relationship changes or even ends, but it might also feel good to be free of this person. There can be no half measures.

Oct 23 – Nov 22

With lively Mercury in your career zone, this week and coming weeks can be an opportunity to showcase your expertise and let others know what you can do. At the same time, with desirable Venus moving into your social sector on Monday, this area of your life could have extra sparkle, with romantic opportunities in the offing, too.

May 21 – Jun 20

If you have plans but can’t get financial backing, or you feel pressured in any way by banks or other institutions, this could encourage you to do something positive. However, it might be best not to do anything on the spur of the moment. It’s better to wait until the eclipse energies have settled. This can help you make the best decisions for you. SAGITTARIUS

Nov 23 – Dec 22

Your sector of goals and career comes into focus on Monday as convivial Venus moves in. Her presence here could inspire you to take stock of available resources as you push forward with your plans. This can also be a very good influence for business in general, helping to smooth the way during negotiations.

Jun 22 – Jul 23

Delightful Venus moves into your sector of talk and thought on Monday, so the coming days can help to smooth over any difficulties you may be having with others. It can also be a great asset for networking and marketing your goods and services with a smile. Even so, you could have a sense of anticipation. There is a solar eclipse in your sign on Thursday that will be building all week. CapricornDec 23 – Jul 20 This month could be quite intense in more ways than one, particularly with chatty Mercury in a deeply emotional sector of your chart for some time to come. Its presence here could encourage you to be curious about the deeper workings of your subconscious and what this might mean for you. Relationships may go through changes this month.

Jul 24 – Aug 23

You could be ready to indulge in a spending spree as sultry Venus moves into Virgo and your money zone on Monday. If it’s associated with getting healthier, you are certainly on the right track. The more important news is the solar eclipse in your spiritual and psychological sector on Thursday. This eclipse can act like a turbocharged. AQUARIUS

Jan 21 – Feb 23

You and your partner or significant other could have a lot to talk about, but this can be a good thing and may help clear the air if necessary. Lovely Venus moves into your sector of shares assets, business, and intimacy, so getting closer to your partner could rekindle the flame of passion. Where business is concerned, the presence of diplomatic can ease the way.

Jul 24 – Aug 23

With delectable Venus moving into your sign on Monday, your impulse may be to reach out to others, especially those yot also be an opportunity to reinvent your image so that it better expresses your identity and personality and any related changes. PISCES

Feb 20 – Mar 20

Your love life looks positively glowing this month as sultry Venus moves into Virgo and your relationship zone on Monday. Her presence here can add sweetness to your partnership and bring romance to new bonds. Jupiter turns direct in your travel and exploration zone, making this a perfect time to book a vacation or plan a travel adventure.


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